LA Colors Shimmer Bronzer - Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to be reviewing something that was a surprisingly great product. 
Bronzers are something that I have difficultly with as I am so pale. They either are too warm, or dark.  However, I randomly popped into the Family Dollar store for something - I don't remember what now. And, I was instantly drawn to this product - it was so pretty. Plus, it was only $2. 

Look how pretty! 
This bronzer is more of a red toned/warm toned bronzer. And, yes it does have shimmer to it though the amount of shimmer isn't overwhelming. Its just enough to give a healthy summer glow.
Its pigmented therefore when you get some on your brush - tap it off. You can go overboard with it but use a small amount and build it up. If you tap your brush against the side of the pan, you'll notice the fall out.  
I'm honestly in love with the fact that I found a good bronzer that works for my skin color for a very small price. 

If you look closely, you can see that part of t…

MAC x Jeremy Scott Cheek Palette - Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! 
Today I'm reviewing one of the newer MAC cosmetics collaborations. This one is with Jeremy Scott, and its a cheek palette. And, let me just say that the packaging is amazing!
It features 3 products; 1 blush, 1 highlighter, and 1 bronzer. 

It looks like a CD! A mixed CD at that. The box is plastic, which most people don't care about but I'm telling you anyway. The actual product packaging is a metal tin making it more durable than some packaging. 
There is a plastic sheet over the product that lists the product names which alot of companies have - nothing exciting The blush is Wall of Desire, bronzer is Acoustica, and the highlighter is Heaven in your smile. 

The blush is a peachy color, which looks very pretty on the skin. The bronzer is a warm toned cheek product which I find actually works for my pale skin, just use a light hand. The highlighter is a champagne color. Its a natural looking highlighter, not a WHAM! in your face highlight.  

The amount of pr…

My Top LPN Books/Study Guides

Hi everyone!
I was recently asked on Instagram what were my top LPN study books. I replied back to the lovely woman, but thought that this would make an awesome blog post. 
 All of these books were picked by me, and all of the opinions are mine.

1. Kaplan - The Basics

My nursing school used Kaplan, and gave us this book - plus the other book I'm going to list. The way that Kaplan formats their books is a very straight to the point way. It lists the facts in bullet points. This book goes over the basics like electrolyte levels. 
Find it linked here. 

2. Kaplan NCLEX - PN Content Review 

This is the other Kaplan book that my school gave us. This, again, is like the other Kaplan book. Straight to the point bullet points. 
Its linked here. 
*I will say that Kaplan books are tailored more toward the Kaplan tests, but I know a girl that used only Kaplan books to study for her NCLEX and she passed. 

3. NCLEX-PN Q&A Plus! Made Incredibly Easy! 

The "made incredibly easy" serie…

Prevent your heel from slipping out of your heels!

Hi everyone!
I said in my pinterest testing post to stay tuned because I had found a fix to stop your heel from slipping out of your shoe/high heel.
And, here it is!
These are the ProFoot heel snugs. They are a grey sponge that narrow the heel of your shoe. You do get 2 sponges in a pack therefore you have enough to do 1 pair of shoes. 

These little gray sponge things are wonderful. As they say, they are snug against your heel when they fit into your shoe. They narrow the heel of your shoe to make them fit a little tighter. 
The sponge is dense but it isn't uncomfortable. The back of the pad is sticky therefore it won't come off once its placed. I took the advice from the reviews and stuck the pad as high as you can, and I pass that advice along to you.  

I like these things, and will probably be buying more. They work well and do their job. 
I recommend them. And, you can find them linked here. 

I hope this helps you in any of your shoe problems.

Until next time,

Pinterest Testing - Stopping Your Heel from Slipping with Hairspray

Hi everyone!
 Whenever I'm having an issue with something, one of the first places I look is pinterest. Sometimes I find hacks that are amazing, and other times I have some that, well, suck. 
I have a pair of nude heels that, omg, are perfect for me. Easy to wear. Don't kill my feet. Just perfect. However, when I wear them, my heel slips out of the shoe - not cool. 
I took a look on pinterest because I figured there had to be other people who were having this issue. And, I was right! 
All of the ones I read said to spray my feet with hairspray before putting on the heels. I can see the science behind this as your feet are sticky therefore they'll stick to the heel. 
So I went to my bathroom, grabbed the hairspray and gave my feet a quick spray. Now I read to different hacks, one said to let it dry while the other said to not. I tried both... 
And, I can concluded. This hack doesn't work. 
My feet were still slipping from the back. 
The only thing it did for me was get…

Pixi + ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Hi there!
Today, I'm talking about a palette that I've fallen in love with. I found it at a Bargain Hunt store for over 50% off its original price. I've heard good things about this from the Youtuber ThaTaylaa
I randomly found it, and I'm so glad I have it!
Pixi collaborated with a couple of different beauty gurus to make varies products, and this eyeshadow palette happens to be the one with the ItsJudyTime. 
This palette is called ItsEyeTime (there is also a lip palette but I didn't find that one). 

It contains 12 different eyeshadows that, to me, are in the neutral range. Pixi's website claims that they are super silky and I have to agree; These shades are so silky to the touch and easy to apply. 
The packaging is the classic Pixi green. Its simple, and I have no complaints about it. It doesn't have a mirror in the palette, though it supposedly has one that sticks on the back but mine had already popped off, and I rarely use the mirrors in palettes so n…

Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 - in - 1 Foundation and Concealer - New Shades!

Hey there!
The Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 - in - 1 Foundation and Concealer is a foundation that I've been wanting to try as I've heard so many good things about it! Many people rave that it is an amazing foundation for being drugstore - which there is nothing wrong with drugstore. 

But, the lightest shade was too dark for my milky white complexion... 
Until now!
Milani released 5 new shades of this supposedly wonderful foundation. 3 of the shades are light, 1 is the middle of the color spectrum, and the last is on the darker side. 

I'm excited, though I haven't ordered it yet. I will be soon though. They finally have one I might be able to wear!

You can find it linked here.
What's your thoughts on this? And, have you ever tried it?
Love,  Rachel C