Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pinterest Testing - Stopping Your Heel from Slipping with Hairspray

Hi everyone!

 Whenever I'm having an issue with something, one of the first places I look is pinterest. Sometimes I find hacks that are amazing, and other times I have some that, well, suck. 

I have a pair of nude heels that, omg, are perfect for me. Easy to wear. Don't kill my feet. Just perfect. However, when I wear them, my heel slips out of the shoe - not cool. 

I took a look on pinterest because I figured there had to be other people who were having this issue. And, I was right! 

All of the ones I read said to spray my feet with hairspray before putting on the heels. I can see the science behind this as your feet are sticky therefore they'll stick to the heel. 

So I went to my bathroom, grabbed the hairspray and gave my feet a quick spray. Now I read to different hacks, one said to let it dry while the other said to not. I tried both... 

And, I can concluded. This hack doesn't work. 

My feet were still slipping from the back. 

The only thing it did for me was get my feet sticky... I didn't enjoy that. 

Save yourself from sticky feet and don't do this. 

I have a post coming soon that actually works to help if you are having this problem - stay tuned. 

Have you ever tried this hack? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time!

Rachel C. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pixi + ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Hi there!

Today, I'm talking about a palette that I've fallen in love with. I found it at a Bargain Hunt store for over 50% off its original price. I've heard good things about this from the Youtuber ThaTaylaa

I randomly found it, and I'm so glad I have it!

Pixi collaborated with a couple of different beauty gurus to make varies products, and this eyeshadow palette happens to be the one with the ItsJudyTime. 

This palette is called ItsEyeTime (there is also a lip palette but I didn't find that one). 

Nurse Rachel Claire

It contains 12 different eyeshadows that, to me, are in the neutral range. Pixi's website claims that they are super silky and I have to agree; These shades are so silky to the touch and easy to apply. 

The packaging is the classic Pixi green. Its simple, and I have no complaints about it. It doesn't have a mirror in the palette, though it supposedly has one that sticks on the back but mine had already popped off, and I rarely use the mirrors in palettes so no loss for me.  

Nurse Rachel Claire

This palette has a range of shimmers, mattes, and I believe it has at least one satin finish though I can't find any info on that. The colors range from daytime colors to nightime colors. 

The shimmers are beautiful shades, and very pigmented. I find that some of the mattes aren't as pigmented but they still are see-able, if that makes sense. They are all blend-able and build-able.

As far as longevity, the top six shades have worn all day with no creasing or fading. I do wear concealer as a eyeshadow primer. I haven't tried the bottom six yet but I have a feeling they will wear like the others.

If I was being utterly picky, I would say that there is a bit of fall out with the matte shades. 

This palette and my beauty treats matte palette are becoming my top two favorite palettes.


Nurse Rachel Claire

Nurse Rachel Claire

Rating: 5 out 5
Would I buy it again: Yes - if I could find it at the discounted price.
Would I recommend it: Yes!
Do I think its worth the price: Yes, either the discounted price or the full price. Its worth it. 

If you are looking for a new palette that is in neutral shades that has a bit of every finish, I'd recommend this one. I have been really enjoying it. 

You can find it linked here and here. 

What do you think of this palette? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

Rachel C. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 - in - 1 Foundation and Concealer - New Shades!

Hey there!

The Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 - in - 1 Foundation and Concealer is a foundation that I've been wanting to try as I've heard so many good things about it! Many people rave that it is an amazing foundation for being drugstore - which there is nothing wrong with drugstore. 

But, the lightest shade was too dark for my milky white complexion... 

Until now!

Milani released 5 new shades of this supposedly wonderful foundation. 3 of the shades are light, 1 is the middle of the color spectrum, and the last is on the darker side. 

I'm excited, though I haven't ordered it yet. I will be soon though. They finally have one I might be able to wear!

You can find it linked here. 

What's your thoughts on this? And, have you ever tried it?

 Rachel C

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

E.L.F. Luminous Matte Makeup Primer - Review & Swatch

Hi there!

Today I'm talking about a product that caused me to do a double take in the makeup aisle. 

E.L.F Luminous Matte Makeup Primer, this is confusing to me... Luminous AND Matte... What. 

This is part of the Beautifully Bare collection that E.L.F. launched not to long ago. Honestly I haven't really looked at the line, but when I saw this I had to get it as I had to figure it out. 

This product claims to moisturize, brighten and refine skin appearance, as well as give a fresh natural glow. 

Well... I'm not exactly sure if the product really does refine my skin's appearance but it does moisturize! The product feels like a thick silky lotion on the skin. Not sticky or tacky feeling like some people like for their primers. 

It doesn't claim to be matte anywhere else on the packaging or even on the website, expect that one spot on the package. It doesn't leave you matte. 

Its a squeeze tube. The packing is simple. I like the yellow tubing being slightly see through so that you can tell how much you have left. 

This product is 8 US dollars... Honestly I wouldn't pay again because to me this is like a moisturizer. 

Its white in colour when it comes out of the tube but it vanishes when you work it in. It leaves no colour on your skin... It does take some time to figure out the right amount for you though because sometimes it feels like a little goes a long way, or you need a lot... No in-between. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 
Would I buy it again: No... I'll look for something that makes me matte
      Would I recommend it: To people with dry skin - yes I would.
Do you think its worth it's price: For my skin type, it isn't worth it to me but to someone else I'm sure it is.

If you are interested, it's linked here.

Have you ever tried this primer? Whats your favorite primer? 
Tell me in the comments below!

I'll see ya thursday!

Rachel C. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adorable Nurse Badge Reels

Hey everyone!

Badge reels are something that most nurses, or people who need a badge at work, need. And, if you are anything like me, you go through many because you break them... 

Today, I've found random ones upon the internet that I thought were adorable! 

Nurse Rachel Claire
Starting from left to right. 

This blingy sea turtle is perfect for when you are ready for a vacation. 

I love the awkward yeti, and this badge clip is adorable. 

This flower is very sparkly and pretty!

The shop that sells this is full of the most adorable badge reels. 

The happy little heart is cute, plus this shop sells other organs such as brains.  

This comes from the same shop as the cute little bulldog.

Mexican food thats happy to see you - adorable!

This bright pink flamingo would be a pop of color and quirkiness to your work uniform. 

This fun hashtag badge clip will tell everyone what life you're about. 

Which of these is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!
See ya Tuesday!

Rachel C. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SkinCare Haul

Hey everyone! 
Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you all the skincare items I recently picked up while I was out shopping. There items either came from Marshall's or Kroger. 

I only bought 6 different items, and one of them I've used before therefore it is a repurchase. 

Nurse Rachel Claire

Starting from Left to Rights. 

I haven't used this before but it smells so good!

 Haven't used this item yet but I love the Yes to brand. I've tried some of their other products and I loved them. 

Nurse Rachel Claire

 This is a repurchase item. I LOVE this stuff. I use it every night on my face and neck. About 4 drops is all I need. When I realized I was about out of this, I had to pick up more. 

I'm starting to love wet skin lotions. I've been using this for a few days now and I'm starting to really like it. These really speed up your after shower routine. 

Nurse Rachel Claire

Olay is a classic and its a life saver for my skin. If any of these products, or any product, start to break me out. I know to use ANY Olay cleanser and it saves the day. 

I've never used any of the Body Shop's items but I thought I'd give this a shot. It smells really good. 

Have you recently bought any new items? Or have you tried any of these products? 
Tell me in the comments below!

See ya Thursday!

Rachel C. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July Inspired Products

The Fourth of July has arrived here in the USA which means red, white and blue is everywhere. 

I have found a small array of products that, in my opinion, would be perfect to create a fourth of July inspired look. 

All of the items I have included below are $20 or less. 
Nurse Rachel Claire

 1. Kiko Milano Super Colour Eyeliner.  I personally haven't tried this liquid eyeliner, but on the website, it claims to be water resistant. The bright blue colour is perfect for this american holiday. Plus, you can get it in a matte or a shimmer!

2. LA Girl matte lipstick - in the shade Relentless.  This brand of lipstick has good lasting power! Its also a matte formula therefore it'll last a bit longer. This shade of red would be the perfect touch to any outfit but would look extra festive for the fourth. 

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Liquid Chrome Eyeshadow - in the shade Silver Spark.   This eyeshadow claims to have the lasting power that is needed to survive the heat of the fourth, though I haven't tried it. The silver color is perfect on its own or paired with something else. 

4. ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter - in the shade Honeymoon.  Colourpop makes amazing products. And, this blue silver highlight is perfect for the fourth. It gives any look the perfect glow and a added pop of colour... Pun not intended. 
I love highlighters that aren't the normal gold or silver colour... 

5. Glitter Injections Highlighter - in the shade Tropical Smoothie.  Glitter... Oh how I love you. This is an extra festive touch to your makeup for this holiday but it would be the perfect touch to a simple makeup look. This highlight is selling out quick though so you may want to grab it quick.

6. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick - in the shade Pioneer.  I haven't had the chance to grab one of these lipsticks but people claim that these are super hard to get off... which means that they should have good lasting power that should last through the fireworks. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your plans for the Fourth of July? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Happy Fourth of July!

Until the next post!
Rachel C